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EZ-RJ45 - Cat.7, Θωρακισμένο Βύσμα, Tool Free - 1 τεμ
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EZ-RJ45 - Cat.7, Θωρακισμένο Βύσμα, Tool Free - 1 τεμ

Διαθέσιμο: 10

EZ-RJ457TL - Cat.7, Shielded Connector, Tool Free

Easy Assembly - terminate in field in minutes without special tools

Load Bar for Faster and Easier Wire Pattern Termination

Specifications :
Wire Diameter
0.46 to 0.76 mm
Transmission  Cat.7 ISO/IEC11801, TIA568.2-D, EC verified
Complies with DIN EN 50173-1:2011-09 10 Gbit
Wiring code T568A or T568B
Color Gray
Housing material Zinc-alloy fully shielded
Power Over Ethernet PoE, PoE plus, and UPoE
Cable Jacket Diameter 6 to 9.5 mm
Adjustable Strain Relief 6mm to 9.5mm Cable outside diameter
Operating temperature -40 ~ +60°C
Relative humidity 85% (+30°C), Air pressure: 70-106Kpa
Contact Blades Phosphor bronze alloy, 50µ gold plated
Intermediate resistance No more than 20 megohm
Insulated resistance No less than 1,000 megohm
Retention strength 7.7kg between jack and plug

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20 ημέρες 40 ημέρες 12 μήνες
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